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Source Code Control partners with leading industry organisations to ensure the services we deliver are in line with industry best practices. 



Cyberfense consolidates everything on one platform to improve cyber preparedness and market a competitive cyber advantage.

Step 1 - Assess and benchmark your current Cyber Maturity and compliance gaps for FCyberFense Partner to Source Code ControlREE.

Step 2 - Prioritise 1st and 3rd party cyber risks then mitigate to achieve the next Cyber M aturity Level and prevent misallocation of your resources.

Step 3 - Protect your Balance Sheet by effectively transfering risk with cyber liability insurance. Cyberfense helps
companies achieve a balance of security and business flexibility. Our goal is to help companies become digitally secure, confident and "cyber-competitive."​


Global Cyber Consultants

Global Cyber Consultants represents a new paradigm in managing your Cyber Risks. Technology Solutions alone are simply not enough and the current, siloed approach within Global Cyber Consultants

the industry leaves companies at risk and without clarity into their exposures. Our end-to-end, integrated platform, provides solutions that range from Cyber and Professional Insurance Placement, to Fully-Hosted IT Solutions and Long-Term Employee Behaviour Change.


Chawton Innovation Services

Chawton Innovation Services Limited is focused on providing help to companies in the area of Intellectual Property Management.

Many companies face challenges developing an Intellectual Property strategy and with organising and structuring their Intellectual Property activities. Chawton Partner to Source Code Control

Ensuring the key interfaces between their Intellectual  Property function and Senior Management, Res
earch & Development Management, their inventor community (both internal and external) and external Patent Agencies and external Intellectual Property Service Providers are working well, whilst putting proper quality, cost, efficiency and value add metrics in place are an important step towards moving their intellectual property activities up the maturity ladder.



Fortech have more than 10 years of experience in providing custom software development services that cover all phases of the software development process:Fortech Partner to Source Code Control

  • Analysis & Requirements Definition
  • Architecture & Design
  • Software Development
  • Software Testing
  • Implementation
  • Support & Maintenance

The Linux Foundation 

We have partnered with The Linux Foundation to deliver a full curriculum of Professional Open Source Management Training Services. These range from entry level to advanced.

  • Introduction to Professional Open Source ManagementLinux Foundation Partner to Source Code Control
  • Fundamentals of Professional Open Source Management
  • Fundamentals of Professional Open Source Management
  • Professional Open Source Management Courses
  • Developing a Professional Open Source Management Program for Technology
  • Developing a Professional Open Source Management Program for Enterprises
  • Establishing an Open Source Program Office
  • Contributing and Releasing Open Source Software
  • Open Source Compliance End-to-End Process

We can also offer the full range of technical  Linux Foundation Courses listed  Link...

OpenUK - The UK Open Source Software Industry Association

OpenUK Partner to Source Code Control

The UK Open Source Industry Association represents companies and individuals delivering solutions and advice based on open standards and free and open source software.

We serve our members as a trade association, giving them greater influence than they could achieve alone, by providing a collective voice to government and other public bodies.

We represent a body of expertise and experience, by providing recommendations and access to solutions and advice on best practice in the industry.

We campaign for the use of open standards in all aspects of public and commercial life, promoting the unique advantages of free and open source software.


Open Forum Europe 

OpenForum Europe (OFE) is a not-for-profit industry organisation which was originally launched in 2002 to accelerate and broaden the use of Open Source Software (OSS) among businesses, consumers and governOFE Partner to Source Code Controlments. Our role has since evolved, devoting much of our time to explaining the merits of openness in computing to politicians and legislators across Europe, as part  of a vision to facilitate open, competitive choice for IT users.

OFE is a registered interest group with the European Commission, and we work closely with the Commission, the European Parliament, national and local governments both directly and via its national partners.


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