Process Design and Implementation

 Source Code Control help organisations design and implement end-to-end management processes that support an effective Open Source Software policy. The policy and processes ensure organisations realise all the benefits of using open source software to develop software solutions while minimising potential risks such as licensing and security risks.

To help with the process design we have developed The FOSS BPM Project Tool which maps out the end -to-end processes to manage all elements of an effective Open Source Software management program.

SCC FOSS Management Process 1

As each organisations will have processes that are unique, FOSS BPM is fully customisable and the processes can be modified and tailored to each organisation.

SCC FOSS Management Process Tool

Once the processes are designed The FOSS BPM Tool can be used to track processes are completed and are implemented. This makes it easy to see areas of weakness that need to be addressed.

It is also easy to update The FOSS BPM Tool  as processes evolve with the ever changing world of Open Source Software. 

Another key component of implementing an effective Open Source Software management process is defining roles and responsibilities. Within The FOSS BPM Toll  there are template FOSS RACI(Responsible, Accountable, Consulted & Informed) Chart. The FOSS RACI Charts document and defines roles and responsibilities for each individual task in the overall Open Source Software management process.


FOSS Managment RACI Chart


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