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Code4Health Open Source Software Challenge Winner Announced

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Identifying Quality Open Source Software Projects Within NHS England’s Code4Health Program

Source Code Control a provider of open source  software governance and risk management solutions together Protecode Inc  today announced the winner of the Code4Health challenge, aimed at identifying quality software projects within the NHS England’s Code4Health programme.

The aim of the challenge was to raise awareness of governance and security vulnerability issues that Code4Health supporters need to consider as they develop and contribute software to the community. Applications were judged based on several attributes including software project structuring, copyright and Intellectual property considerations, security vulnerabilities, and license compliance in open source software (OSS).

Among the projects submitted to the Code4Health challenge, OpenEyes™, an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application, led by Moorfields Eye Hospital, was selected as the overall winner. Analysis of the submitted OpenEyes™ project revealed a well-structured, copyrighted open source project that uses other OSS subprojects with no license compatibilities issues, and was free from security vulnerability concerns.

“This is all part of our drive to debunk some of the security and other myths surrounding open source software and its use, particularly in health and care settings,” said Peter Coates, programme head of NHS Code4Health  & OpenSource Programme Head. “What a great way to give recognition to those individuals and organisations working so hard to drive development and deliver well-engineered open source software solutions for our health and care economies. Congratulations to all of the entrants, and particularly to the OpenEyes™ Development Team. Our ambition is to repeat and build on this particular Code4Health challenge to further raise awareness of the professionalism surrounding the development of open source software for health and care.”

“We were delighted the response to the challenge and the level of interest it has generated. The quality of the code submitted was extremely high with clear demonstration of excellent coding practice. It also highlighted the level of quality assurance and governance being applied to applications developed by the Code4Health supporters.” Said Martin Callinan, Director of Source Code Control.

All Code4Health competition applicants privately received a report that identified open source and other third party components, any security vulnerabilities, in addition to highlighting ownership, and licensing attributes within the code portfolio of their submission.


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