Continuous Compliance

An end-to-end proactive Continuous Compliance service to manage business risks created in bespoke software development. Includes Open Source Software policy creation, licesning/Intellectual Property management, security management through all stages of software development and DevOps cyle Read More…

FOSS Management Process

Design and implement processes conforming with OpenChain  that support an effective Open Source Software policy. The policy and processes ensure organisations realise all the benefits of using open source software to develop software solutions while minimising potential risks such as licensing and security risks. Read more …

Cyber & Intellectual Property Assurance

Inadequate policies and expensive premiums are keeping many organisations from buying Cyber and IP insurance.

In order to help technology companies who develop software to lower insurance premiums Source Code Control Limited have developed a Cyber and IP Assurance Service Read more…

Open Source Software Policy

Without clearly defined open source software policy, organisations cannot control and manage security, IP, licensing and copyright risk in their software applications.

A range of open source software security, licensing, copyright and intellectual property(IP) services. Read More….

Training – Managing Open Source Software

Being a Linux Foundation OpenChain Service Provider we offer a range of industry recognised Open Source Software License compliance training courses to help organisations and individuals build the knowledge they need to create robust controls to minimise risk in open source software development.

Courses are relevant to both corporate managers and software developers alike. Read More…

FOSS Procurement Service

Align IT Procurement with open source software demand, Implement a buy once use many strategy of professional re-usable software. Access training, tool kits and services to help procurement professionals and IT leadership to effectively evaluate open source software based solutions and the related services offered by solution providers. Read More…

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